Video - Medium Voltage

The CCBDA recently made the conversion from video tape to the DVD format for its highly popular series of technical training material. To date over 12,500 videos have been provided to recipients across the country. What follows is a short segment from the Medium-Voltage cables video.

The DVD "Right in the Middle of the Action" covers a variety of medium-voltage (5 to 46 kV) power cable applications. It describes the manufacture, properties and advantages of this family of power cables and outlines the properties that make copper the superior choice for these applications. While the clip here is approximately 30 seconds, the entire video runs 14:40 minutes.

To order a complimentary copy of the Medium-Voltage Cables DVD please contact the CCBDA by e-mail here or by telephone at 1-877-640-0946. Please note that the DVDs are only available to Canadian respondents. If you need additional information about these products in your region or country, please contact your local Copper Development Centre. The CCBDA can provide guidance on the world-wide network of Copper Centres.