Copper’s Bright New Age Video Series

The CCBDA is pleased to introduce Copper’s Bright New Age, a series of videos about the widespread use of copper in clean tech industries, and in other quickly growing sectors of our world.

We will be posting one new video each month on topics such as wind power, solar electricity, geothermal heating and drain water heat recovery. Each video will be posted in several versions: in French and in English, and most will also be offered in a short version and a longer version with technical information for engineers, or others seeking greater detail.

It seems that people are thinking increasingly about value over a longer time period. We are learning that choosing something cheap often eventually costs more. When we choose copper we are usually choosing the best quality option for the result we are pursuing. This is also true in terms of the environment and the health of our planet. The word sustainability relates to longer-term thinking.

This video series celebrates the choices we make to protect our planet over the long term, and the choice of copper when we need reliable quality, well into the future.

Video is a popular way for Internet users to quickly obtain information and a modern way for the CCBDA to tell our story. We began producing the current video series, with the help of our members, about one year ago. We will soon complete more than 15 videos in each language.

Topics of Interest:

We hope you will enjoy them. Welcome to Copper’s Bright New Age.