Copper's Bright New World

Copper and the Earth

When we think about the Earth and humanity, we can be proud of many achievements, while being concerned about climate change. This month’s video is based on a short poem and was created by an actors’ collective, sending the message that it’s time to use more renewable energy and other clean technologies. It celebrates our new, longer term view, encouraging us to make more choices based on quality, performance, durability and sustainability over time. Copper is the long term, quality choice for our brighter, cleaner new world.


When we look up at the sky above us, we might think it’s vast and endless, but 80% of the oxygen and other matter is found in the first layer, the Troposphere, which is only about 11 miles (17 km) high. Each and every day we pump about 110 million tons of C02 into this thin layer of air. In a week that’s 770 million tons. In a year it’s more than 40 billion tons.  

The C02 comes from us, seven billion people heating and cooling our homes, generating electricity, powering our vehicles, farms and industry. In the next 10 or 15 years we are likely to be eight billion people. Scientists think this is unsustainable, because in a few more decades the really sweltering, hottest summer days we have now may be considered relatively cool. Every other day may be even hotter, resulting in more droughts, fires, glacier melts, extreme precipitation and ocean events, like floods and tsunamis. And that’s just what we can, to some extent, predict.

The good news is that we are in the process of changing our carbon habits, and transforming our economy to one based on clean energy. Our bright new world will feature a prominent role for copper, which is an important part of clean electricity and many other new energy age innovations.  

Copper's Bright New World

Copper’s bright new world is one with advanced communications and cleaner, more efficient approaches to energy, buildings, transportation, farming and industry.

Although scientists worry we are running short on time, it seems like everyone has a smart phone or tablet that connects them to everyone else. Will our connected, info-age world allow us to learn the details about our challenges and share solutions, accelerating the changes we need to make?

Copper is a dominant material and quality choice for these advanced communications technologies, mobile devices and internet networks. It is also dominant in computerized ‘smart grid’ electricity management systems and cleaner energy like solar, wind and geothermal. It’s a key for many of the modern batteries and electricity storage solutions we’re developing, to accommodate the growth of clean power.  

Advanced building systems that increase the efficient use of energy are also dominated by copper: hydronic fan coil systems, heat exchangers, drain heat recovery products, high pressure geothermal components, smart thermostats, rooftop solar thermal, solar electricity, and solar air systems.

Back to Basics Like Quality

Sustainability. Longer term thinking. Copper. Our engineer friends confirm that copper’s conductive capability, malleability, microbial resistance and beauty mean it often does the job better, more efficiently, and lasts longer. Copper doesn’t have to be replaced so soon, maintained as much, and it also creates operating savings.

Choosing copper means choosing quality for today and savings for tomorrow.

It’s the best choice over time; and it’s the star of our bright new world.