Publication 13
Copper and Copper Alloy Castings

Manual on casting processes, alloy compositions, mechanical properties, typical applications, and specifications for castings and ingots. E-mail link

Publication 21E
Copper Underground Electrical Transmission Systems

Manual on 69 to 735 kV high-voltage underground transmission cables, covering four types of cables, system design, and installation. E-mail link

Publication 24E
Forging Data Sheets

A series of twelve Data Sheets on forging case histories, covering specific alloy type, fabrication method, and the advantages of choosing copper alloys. E-mail link

Publication 28E
Copper Tube & Fittings

2000 Edition. Handbook covering types of copper tube and fittings, dimensions, working pressures and joining methods, including soldering and brazing. Applications include plumbing, various types of heating systems, refrigeration, and medical gas systems. E-mail link

Publication 33E
The Colour of Trust

Publication comparing copper to aluminum conductor material. Also details copper's advantages such as strength, toughness, connectibility and corrosion resistance, as well as the life cycle cost advantages of copper cables. E-mail link

Publication 35
Natural Gas Systems-Installed Cost Comparison

Publication comparing copper tube, steel pipe and CSST for natural gas systems in a typical house, with copper the clear winner. E-mail link

Publication 37
Installing a Natural Gas Barbecue

A quick-connect coupling can be installed on an exterior wall to serve a deck or patio, providing an uninterrupted supply of fuel. Also the barbecue can be easily moved or cleaned. E-mail link

Publication 58
Designing Copper Water Systems

Publication No. 58, Design Velocities for Copper Water Systems. It covers the basic velocity recommendations as well as the influence of installation conditions which should be taken into consideration. E-mail link

Publication IS 97-02
Hot Water Recirculating Systems

Brochure covering the prevention of velocity effects such as erosion corrosion and cavitation in plumbing systems. Photographs and diagrams show typical examples. E-mail link

Canadian Copper
Copper and Copper Alloy Castings

A periodical on the latest developments and applications for copper, brass and bronze.

General Architecture Package

E-mail link

Shingles Package

E-mail link

Gutters & Downspout Package

E-mail link

Publication 14E
Copper Natural Gas Systems

Manual providing extensive details on the techniques of designing and installing copper tube and fittings for interior natural gas distribution systems. E-mail link

Publication 23E
Copper Medium-Voltage Power Cables

Manual on 5 to 46 kV medium-voltage power cables, covering seven types of cables and their applications. E-mail link

Publication 27E
Copper Wire and Cable in Buildings

Manual on low-voltage wire and cable up to 1 kV, covering types of cables and their applications, including power and telecommunications systems. E-mail link

Publication 32E
Copper and Copper Alloy Forgings - A Design Guide

Manual covering the benefits and advantages of the forging process, technical data on alloys, design of forgings and applications of forged products. E-mail link

Publication 34
Copper in Architecture

Publication describing design assistance, handbooks, seminars and videos available on roofing and architectural applications.
E-mail link

Publication 36
Installing a Natural Gas Fireplace

Copper tube and direct venting, plus the ease of bending and joining copper lines, simplify the installation of gas fireplaces in houses and condos. E-mail link

Publication 41E
Who Says Plastic Pipe is as Good as Copper?

Provides a number of comparisons between copper plumbing tube and plastic pipe, and illustrates copper's advantages for hot and cold water lines. E-mail link

Publication 42E
Connecting with Copper is Connecting with Trust

Powertech Labs have completed an in-depth study on copper-to-copper, aluminum-to-copper, and aluminum-to-aluminum wire and cable connectors. The results of the study are presented in CCBDA Publication No. 42E.
E-mail link

A wall poster on forging alloys, design, and manufacture.

Of particular interest to teachers, students, designers and manufacturers. E-mail link

Roofing Package

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Cladding Package

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Prepatinated Sheet Package

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