Underground Water Services

Copper water services are renowned for providing trouble-free service for decade after decade.

In many Canadian cities where older neighbourhoods still have lead or galvanized steel water services, programs are in place to systematically remove and upgrade these services. Some of the service replacement programs are tied in with water efficiency or conservation initiatives, such as the installation of water meters.

Many municipalities have lead water service replacement programs including Montreal, Ottawa, London, Winnipeg etc.


Copper tube in non-porous and non-permeable, meaning that contaminants like gasoline can not pass through the wall of an underground service tube into the drinking water supply.


In the event that an underground water service freezes, thawing is much easier when copper tube is involved compared to plastic pipe.

  • Publication No. 44E, Underground Copper Water Services, is now available for projects of all sizes, from residential to large commercial, industrial and institutional projects. (Download)
    The publication provides the latest information on the installation of new copper water services, and the replacement of old lead services, as well as the new lead-free alloys now being used for fittings and valves. These alloys include ECO BRASS®, Federalloy®, and EnviroBrass™. Installation methods include open-trench, impact moling and vacuum excavation.
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