Copper plumbing systems have been installed in North American houses and buildings for more than 75 years and they continue to be the preeminent plumbing material, because of their durability and quality. Attesting to their longevity and reliability is the fact that more than 30 billion feet of copper plumbing tube has been installed in residential and non-residential buildings and underground water services. Across Canada, the average single-family house with a copper plumbing system has about 130 pounds of copper plumbing tube, fittings and valves.

For a comparison of copper plumbing tube and plastic pipe, which illustrates copper's advantages for hot and cold water systems, check out the new Who Says Plastic Pipe is as Good As Copper? publication and ad. Detailed technical information on the selection and installation of different Types of copper tube, fittings and joining methods for various building applications is covered in the Copper Tube & Fittings Manual. It is widely used throughout Canada for training purposes, and it is recognized as the authoritative source of engineering data on copper systems.

Contractors and consulting engineers are encouraged to review our Publications page for additional technical literature on plumbing systems.

The publications listed above are available in electronic format. Printed versions also can be ordered free of charge by emailing us.

  • Video - Fittings
  • Publication No. 41E: Who Says Plastic Pipe is as Good as Copper? (View | Download)
  • Publication No. 28E: Copper Tube & Fittings Manual (View | Download)
  • Copper Connections - Advances in Joining Copper Tube (Download)
    Copper tube
  • Publication No. 58: Design Velocities for Copper Water Systems (Download)
    It covers the basic velocity recommendations as well as the influence of installation conditions which should be taken into consideration.
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