• Antimicrobial Copper has long been recognized as an antimicrobial material, used as fungicides, anti-biofouling treatments, and for many other similar purposes.
  • Architecture The North American Initiative on Copper Architectural Applications (NAICAA) is a major project promoting the use of copper and copper alloys in architecture, roofing, interiors, renovation and restoration, building science and related fields.
  • Castings & Ingots The Castings & Ingots section includes an updated, condensed version of Publication No.13, Copper and Copper Alloy Castings. This reference describes seven foundry processes used to manufacture castings and provides technical information on copper and copper alloys used for casting.
  • Copper and Art This section of the website is dedicated to the world of copper sculpture. Impressive works of art have been made out of copper for thousands of years.
  • Electrical Since copper has the highest electrical conductivity of all industrial metals, it is not surprising that well over half of all copper produced in North America is consumed in electrical applications.
  • Green Building Used for centuries as a noble and aesthetically pleasing building material, today copper’s role is more important than ever because of its substantial contribution to any building’s environmental performance.
  • Natural Gas Copper’s cost advantage and ease of installation are evident when installing furnaces, water heaters, fireplaces, barbecues and appliances such as ranges and dryers.
  • Plumbing Copper plumbing systems have been installed in North American houses and buildings for more than 75 years and they continue to be the preeminent plumbing material, because of their durability and quality.
  • Underground Water Services Copper water services are renowned for providing trouble-free service for decade after decade.