Green Building

Used for centuries as a noble and aesthetically pleasing building material, today copper's role is more important than ever because of its substantial contribution to any building's environmental performance. Across its life cycle, from production to recycling, copper can enhance energy efficiency, resource use and indoor air quality, as well as minimizing transportation costs and impacts. Copper can be used in numerous applications in a building improving its environmental performance. This includes the building envelope and other elements such as cladding, roofs, sun shades, eaves, flashings and downspouts, to plumbing and mechanical systems, through to innovative new technologies such as high-efficiency electrical systems and on-demand lighting systems.

For more information on any of the Case Studies in this series, to learn how copper and copper alloys can be used in your next project, or find out how they can help your building achieve LEED™ certification, please contact the Canadian Copper & Brass Development Association by clicking here. You can also request printed copies of the Copper…The Green Choice brochure and the Case Studies.

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