Structured Wiring

Considering all the demands for the highest-tech building systems, namely entertainment, home security, communications and appliance automation, the choice for the most responsive, secure and durable infrastructure is a copper structured wiring system.

And there is value beyond the ability to use multiple computers or high definition televisions in choosing copper. A properly designed and
installed system can reduce your energy costs by allowing your various building components (heating & cooling, lighting, and other appliances)
to work better, thus making your home or building smarter and more energy efficient. That is building green.

In the sections below you'll find information about these systems from three different perspectives.

> Builders:
Detailing the advantages and installation techniques that will help you realize the value in installing these systems.

> Contractors:
Basic installation techniques and information.

> Homeowners:
What you should ask for when choosing a copper structured wiring system.


This schematic demonstrates the flexability of structured wiring.