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Do your teenagers complain about slow Internet connections? Are you always trying to keep the kids out of your home office? Are there
constant family negotiations over computer use, the DVD player, and who gets to watch their favorite television show?

Install copper structured wiring in your home and many of these battles can be solved.

Whether you are buying a new house or condo or renovating an old one, you want to make sure it is wired for today's technology and for
the future.

With structured wiring, your family can access the Internet, operate home security, as well as entertainment systems, internal lighting and temperature control systems. You can run a home office, network your computers and printers and communicate at high speed. And
everyone in the family can do this, throughout the home, at the same time.

Many homeowners believe that rewiring an existing home is too expensive or simply cannot be done. In most cases structured wiring
(rewiring with state-of-the-art copper wire systems) can be done quickly and affordably. Houses with attic or basement space make it
even easier to do. No matter how old the home is, and whatever its size, installers have special training and tools that make every job, in
any home, possible.

What Is Structured Wiring?

Structured wiring is simply a general term for an automated home wiring system that provides your residence with high-capacity telephone
and Internet services, networked computers, security control, and entertainment systems.

  • Category wiring
    Category 5e (or higher) wire is recommended for residences and home offices. It is the foundation of a structured wiring system and is used for phones, Internet and networked computers.
  • Coaxial cable
    Quad-shielded RG-6 coaxial cable with a solid copper centre conductor is also a key part of the foundation of the structured wiring system. It is used for video and entertainment systems, and home security (internal and external cameras).
  • Star configuration
    Also called Star Wiring, this means that all wiring in the house radiates out from a central panel (usually found in the basement). All services from outside of the house come to this panel, and then move throughout the house in a star configuration from this central point.

Why Do I Need Structured Wiring?

Think of structured wiring as "future proofing" your home. You are ensuring that it can handle today's technology as well as developments
that are on the way.

Structured wiring can also increase your home's marketability, adding to its resale value. An increasing number of buyers are looking for structured wiring in properties they consider. As more new homes are built with structured wiring, these systems will become more popular
in existing homes as well. Having it in place can give your home a selling advantage in the housing market.

How To Determine Your Needs

Remember, a key advantage of structured wiring is its flexibility. Many Canadians find that it makes sense to install a basic structured wiring system and then to add on to it as their needs change. A qualified installer will explain the options available and together you can determine
your needs.

Finding An Installer

The following guidelines will help you to find a qualified installer:

  • Look for someone who advertises themselves as a communications specialist.
  • Ask for references and call several.
  • Look for signs of professionalism: do they drive a vehicle with a company name or logo, do they have a permanent office, are they affiliated with or members of any professional organizations (which also signals that they are interested in keeping up with current and changing technologies).

A Simple Checklist:

  • Make sure your installer uses Category 5e cable or better.
  • Discuss how and where the new wiring will run (Inside the walls is standard, stapled to the baseboards is not).
  • Where will outlets and junctions be located? These are outlets with dedicated connections for phone, computers, TV/video and audio jacks.
  • Where will outlets and junctions be located? These are outlets with dedicated connections for phone, computers, TV/video and audio jacks.
  • Install extra jacks and outlets. Think about where you or the next owner of your home might need to set up their computer/phone/entertainment system.
  • It is recommended that two cable runs go to each room, allowing for easy expansion and future upgrades.

Am I Getting Peak Performance?

A structured wiring system should be dependable and easy to navigate. Make sure that your installer takes the time to explain your system.
It must be installed correctly and tested to industry standards. Each structured wiring run should be checked with circuit testing equipment
after installation and installers should guarantee that their work will perform properly.


Copper structured wiring in the home is referred to by some experts as the fourth utility. Just as water, gas and electricity are essential in
every home, it will not be long until the Internet/broadband access and integrated technology systems are residential standards.

As technology continues to bring the future into your home, be sure not to be left behind by an outdated communications wiring system. Enjoy
the benefits of a copper structured wiring system now and into the future.