Copper and Art

This section of the website is dedicated to the world of copper sculpture. Impressive works of art have been made out of copper for thousands of years. Often, copper or bronze statues have been created to commemorate significant events or personages, and have stood outdoors in public spaces.

This section explains why copper has been the preferred material for sculpture, how these pieces of art were made at different times in history, and features many examples of fine works throughout the world and in Canada today.

Much more detailed information is available under these headings:

Many of the images in the first two sections of this website belong to the CCBDA and document various projects that have been undertaken by a CCBDA Member Company, Artcast Inc (, Canada's premiere company for the casting and fabrication of art and sculpture throughout North America.

This section was written by Gloria Hildebrandt, a writer and editor with Orchard House Communications at