As part of the NAICAA Project, we have instituted an in-house seminar program, available to interested architects, engineers, and
specification writers. The in-house seminars are arranged in your office, usually during lunch. As well, seminars are also available for universities, community colleges, and other educational institutions. To date almost 200 events have been held in cities across Canada.

Each seminar covers copper roofing (including standing, batten, and flat seams), cladding systems, interiors, and fixtures. As well as a
thorough look at fundamentals and techniques, topics such as material and substrate selection, finishes, patination, and recyclability are also included. Each firm participating receives a complimentary copy of the Copper in Architecture Handbook, a CD-Rom version of the Handbook
with the architectural details in AutoCAD format, and a subscription for subsequent updates.

"The staff liked it so much that you have caused me a mini-revolution. They now want all sales or industry representatives to do a proper presentation like yours - instead of just pushing literature."

Ontario-based architects also qualify for Ontario Association of Architects self-directed learning credits. A total of two credits are available
for each one-hour seminar. Other provinces, including British Columbia and Alberta, are considering offering similar programs. Please check
with your local body about continuing education programs.

Travel for Seminars

Please keep in mind that seminars are arranged on a geographical basis and requests are grouped to allow a number of events in one city to minimize travel costs. Normally we are unable to fulfill immediate requests for single firms outside of Southern Ontario until we have arranged
other activities in the area. A minimum of 5 attendees is usually required for any seminar. Exceptions can be made because of circumstances,
so please contact us regarding your requirements.


If you are interested in a seminar being held in your office, you can e-mail us here, fax 416.391.3823, or telephone toll-free at 877.640.0946
from anywhere in Canada. Please let us know if you have a preference for dates or if information is required for a specific project. You will
be asked to provide an approximate count of potential attendees in order that we can start to make the appropriate arrangements.