6. Copper: The Green Choice

Copper is one of the most recycled engineering metals. Many mills are reported to be using 95% recycled content in the production of their
sheet products. Similar numbers apply to other copper mill products. Copper is a green material because it can be continuously recycled into
other copper and copper-alloy products no matter how old the copper is. Copper scrap comes from many sources, one of the largest being
wire and cable recovered from electrical systems that have reached the end of their useful life.

Copper is possibly the greenest commonly used architectural metal today. Copper plays an essential role in the modern building, from recycled cladding and roofing systems, to high-tech plumbing and heating systems using tube and fittings which are manufactured from recycled copper. Even the wire and cable systems and monitoring equipment depend on upsized copper wire to maximize system efficiency, eliminate power
quality issues, and play a key role in green power systems.

Here you see the recycled value of copper compared to other building materials. This also makes it economically sound to recycle.

7. About Us

The Canadian Copper & Brass Development Association offers many resources to assist with the use of copper and copper alloys in the
building industry. Design handbooks and manuals, how-to DVDs and videos and a variety of publications with a wealth of information,
including our periodical Canadian Copper / Cuivre Canadien. For those interested in obtaining continuing education credits, we also offer
free in-house seminars for architectural and engineering firms. Finally our web site is full of information about copper, its alloys and

When requesting information on architectural and interior applications, be sure to ask for the Consider the possibilities… CD-Rom featuring Canadian installations.