Handbook, CD-Roms, and Reference Material

The Initiative's main resource tools include the Copper in Architecture Handbook, along with its companion CD-Rom, and two videos on Copper in Architecture and Installing Copper Roofing. The newest resource is the CD-Rom Consider the Possibilities…, which is a visual guide to some of Canada's most notable copper projects.

The Handbook is an extensive compilation of information covering copper roofing (including batten, standing, flat, and horizontal seams), cladding (flat, formed panels, and prefabricated systems), flashings and gutters, and expansion assemblies. Fabrication and installation details, and typical specifications are also covered. When the Handbook is updated, the new material is sent free of charge to those holding copies.

This exhaustive guide to copper architectural applications contains chapters on:

  • Technical Information
  • Installation Equipment
  • Installation Case Studies
  • Details - including sections on:
  • Basic Details
  • Roofing Systems
  • Flashings and Copings
  • Gutters and Downspouts
  • Building Expansion Joints
  • Wall Cladding
  • Domes, Spires, and Vaults
  • Specifications / Test Reports / Data Sheets
  • Sourcing Guide
  • Finishes

The CD-Rom contains the entire Handbook, along with a number of specific features, such as a project gallery. In addition, all of the details shown in the Handbook are included in AutoCAD format for both Macs and PCs, making it that much easier to easily incorporate copper details into your projects.

The videos are visual guides to many of the topics covered in the Handbook. Copper in Architecture has six sections covering an Overview
of Copper in Architecture; Standing Seam Roofs; Batten Seam Roofs; Flat Seam and Shingle Roofs; Horizontal Seam Roofs; and Gutters, Flashings, and Roof Details. The second video, Installing Copper Roofing, is a 72-minute tape showing the installation details for a variety of assemblies in a training setting.

The Handbook is intended to be the authoritative reference on copper, brass and bronze architectural applications and is a vital part of any architectural library. Updates will be issued to cover future information and chapters on topics such as historical restoration and renovation,
and interiors.

Generally there is a nominal charge for some of the publications, including the Handbook. Other publications and selected items are supplied
free, such as the Consider The Possibilities… CD-Rom. Click here to receive the latest list of what is available and the cost where applicable.

Other publications include:

Copper in Architecture / Le cuivre en architecture (No. 34)
Bilingual publication covering the activities of the Association under the NAICAA Program. It provides an introduction to the services and
reference material offered by the CCBDA.

Design Handbook - Sheet Copper Applications (A401/OR)
This 56-page manual illustrates a number of projects by leading architects and their use of copper for a variety of applications. Also contains information on sheet copper fundamentals, design details, and specifications.

Design Handbook - Architectural Applications (A4104-1779)
This 32-page manual is a guide to selecting, fabricating, finishing and installing a variety of copper alloys for architectural metalwork, such as handrails, entrances, elevator cabs, and so forth. Information on finishes, protective coatings, and colour matching of the eleven most
commonly used alloys is included.


1. Copper in Architecture
This 65 minute, six-part, video contains sections on; Copper in Architecture - An Overview, Standing Seam Roofs, Batten Seam Roofs, Flat
Seam and Shingle Roofs, Horizontal Seam Roofs, Gutters Flashings and Roof Details.

2. Installing Copper Roofing
This 72-minute video is intended to provide contractors with a comprehensive installation guide to copper architectural systems. Sections
include; Introduction, Basic Concepts, Flashings, Standing Seam Systems, Batten Seam Systems, and Flat Lock and Soldered Systems.

Copper in Architecture Handbook CD - Rom
This disc is an electronic version of the Copper in Architecture Handbook and it contains all of the details in a manipulatible format. Other
features include a project gallery.

Consider the Possibilities…/ Considérer les Possibiltiés…

Data Sheets and Technical Information

A1081 - 00/90 - How to Apply Statuary and Patina Coatings
Cleaning procedures and chemicals for coloring architectural metal work brown (statuary) or green (artificial patina).

A4027 - 95/97 - Clear Coating on Copper Alloys
Results of a study, which evaluated the performance of commercially available clear coatings for both interior and exterior architectural applications.