Ryerson Student Centre


Ryerson Student Centre




Copper Cladding


Carruthers Shaw & Partners Ltd. Architects


Dean Chandler Roofing Ltd.



For years Ryerson University was oftentimes thought of as a loose configuration of buildings with no discernible centre. Thanks to a recent building boom generated in part by the Province of Ontario's "Superbuild" fund and through vigorous fundraising, the new Ryerson Student Campus Centre has been built on Gould St., in the heart of the campus in downtown Toronto. This new facility serves as a central gathering
place for the many services that had been spread out across the University.

Built on the L-shaped site of a parking lot and the now-demolished journalism building, the Student Campus Centre had been contemplated
for decades as a focal point for the campus. It also integrates the historic Oakham House, one of the oldest buildings at Ryerson. The building houses such groups as RyeSAC, the student governing body, The Eyeopener student newspaper, CKLN 88.1 FM, and of course, being a Canadian university, a large pub.

The facility was designed by Carruthers Shaw & Partners Ltd. Architects, and utilizes copper in a unique way, to emphasize major
entryways and openings. Copper is also used as a reference point to many of the other buildings which feature copper roofing and
cladding, such as Kerr Hall and the Rogers Communication Centre on the downtown Toronto campus.