Cocathédrale St-Antoine-de-Padoue


Cocathédrale St-Antoine-de-Padoue


Longueuil, Quebec




Claude Frégeau, Montreal


Les Couvertures Montreal-Nord, Montreal


Canadian Brass & Copper Ltd., Concord, Ontario


This magnificent church, located in Longueuil, recently underwent an extensive renovation. It included copper being chosen for the reroofing, rather than galvanized steel which had been replaced on a number of occasions since 1911.

The architect, Claude Frégeau, compiled an exhaustive study on similar structures in Quebec and France, concluding that copper would be
the only suitable material from both an historical and technical viewpoint. Curé Raymond Poisson provided strong support for changing to a
copper roof.

The roof was installed by Les Couvertures Montreal-Nord. It is a batten seam roof, using 16-oz. copper sheet, and it has a number of
interesting details such as the diamond ribs of the dome. A mechanical seamer was used for the batten seams.

The sheet copper was installed over a plywood substrate, with a membrane and building paper underlayment which is a typical roof
assembly with copper. About 65,000 pounds (28,500 kg) of roofing copper sheet were needed.

Adapted from Canadian Copper, No. 144.