Staff and Consultants

CCBDA has a long history of providing insight and expertise on copper related subjects to industry, government, and consumers.

Our consulting group is chosen from recently retired engineers and business professionals whose collective expertise in related disciplines serve our members and the industry well.

We have a permanent head office staff located in Toronto, also with years of background experience in sourcing and communicating valuable copper industry information to members of the Association and other interested groups or businesses. Head office personnel also employ outside services in marketing and communications.

The Executive Director of CCBDA is Stephen Knapp.

Our Staff

Stephen Knapp - Executive Director

Stephen Knapp Stephen is the Executive Director of the Canadian Copper and Brass Development Association and oversees the operation of the non-profit Association.

His role includes contact and liaison with companies from copper producers to fabricators and manufacturers. He coordinates with the broader network of copper centre's world-wide and with the International Copper Association (ICA).

Another key function is his involvement with a wide range of code and standards activities on behalf of CCBDA Member Companies.

Stephen has a myriad of personal interests including hockey, golf and football and a special passion for his guitars.

His formal education includes: M. Arch, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas and B. Tech. Arch. Sci., Ryerson Polytechnic Institute, Toronto, Ontario.

Chantal Olynyk - Library Technician

Chantal is one of the permanent members of the Toronto head office staff of CCBDA.

She functions as the library technician for the Association. In this role Chantal gathers information on new applications of copper, including new trends.

A major assignment also is to convert the CCBDA card catalogue to an electronic catalogue. The CCBDA library is the "go-to" location in Toronto for a wealth of information on the role of copper both in Canada and around the world.

Chantal is a lady who likes to travel, learn new languages and gets involved in volunteer work. She has a Library Technology and Information Management Diploma from Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton.


Vern Buchholz - Electrical - BC

One of two CCBDA's Vancouver based consultants, Vern is our Electrical specialist on the west

He was Director of the Electrical Technologies at Powertech Labs, a subsidiary of B.C. Hydro, prior to retiring in 2006.

Vern's projects included work on electrical cables and cable accessories, grounding apparatus, electrical connectors, switchgear, fuses, circuit breakers, power and instrument transformers, batteries, and lighting equipment.

Vern and his wife have travelled extensively in Canada and the U.S. with their 8' x 15' trailer in tow. He also likes searching out obscure texts on science, technology and world history. He holds degrees in Electrical Engineering, Physics and Astronomy and is a registered professional engineer.

John Catterall - Elec/Const - ON

As another "high-profile" member of the CCBDA consulting staff, John has certainly "been there and done that" as we welcome him back to the Copper Canada fold.

With specialization in Analytical Chemistry, corrosion protection and water treatment for industrial and commercial heating and cooling water systems, John worked in those capabilities before joining the staff as Technical Director in 1988.

He returned to private industry as the Metallurgist for Canada's largest manufacturer of copper tube.

John is a big advocate of outdoor activities and "dabbles" in some amateur fiction writing. He holds a B.A. in Languages from the University of Waterloo and a B.Sc. in Metallurgy and Chemistry from McMaster University.

Jacques Decent - Elec/Const - PQ

Jacques is one of CCBDA's dual function consultants in Building Construction and Electrical operating out of Montreal.

He is an ex-manufacturing agent where he represented many companies in the plumbing and heating industries.

He joined the CCBDA Consulting team in 2004 as a Building Construction Member and added the Electrical Group Consulting role in 2009.

Jacques gained an athletic scholarship to North Carolina State University in football and later played in the CFL. Today most of his athleticism takes place on the golf course.

Spencer Gourley - Construction - ON

As one of our featured longer term consultants, Spencer signed up with CCBDA in 1991.

Spencer's impressive background as a technical specialist in Steel Mills in the United States and Canada setting up chemical and physical laboratories, has positioned him well for his role, as a Metallurgist Consultant in the corrosion of copper and brass alloys for CCBDA.

A one time avid golfer and hunter, he still answers to the "call of the wild" as deer season draws him back to the forests of Ontario each year.

He is a graduate of Western University with certificates in Industrial Management and Fundamentals of Nondestructive Testing from the Metals Engineering Institute.

Pierre Liberatore - Elec/Const - PQ

A welcome newer arrival to the CCBDA Electrical Consultancy Group, Pierre is a Montrealer with an impressive technical background.

For almost 30 years he held the positions of Technical Advisor, Director of Technical Services and Technical Consultant for the Executive Vice-Presidency for the Corporation des maîtres électriciens du Québec, retiring in 2012.

Pierre has been on many national and provincial committees for the development of safety codes and standards, especially on the CSA Canadian Electrical Code Part I Committee for 25 years. He is the author of numerous technical articles for electrical trade publications and bulletins.

A graduate of École Polytechnique de Montréal with a B.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, Pierre is a keen follower of the "Canadiens" and the Alouettes and considers himself an "old movies junkie". His music is Jazz of course.

David Pope - Elec/Const - BC

David is one of our "far" west coast consultants specializing in the Construction and Electrical fields.

Before retiring, David's last executive role was Manager of the Plumbing and Gas Inspections branch, Sewer Separation branch and Environmental Protection branch, Chief Plumbing Inspection and Gas Safety Manager at the City of Vancouver. He had worked for 15 years in the Commercial Construction Sector.

He is a member of the Standing Committee on Building and Plumbing Services for the National Plumbing Code of Canada.

David likes golf, photography and travel. He is also a volunteer driver for the Canadian Cancer Society Freemasons Cancer Car program.

Sally Remedios - Elec/Const - ON

Sally joined our ever expanding group of consultants in 2011 and serves in both the Electrical and Construction formats.

Her specialization is in codes, standards, and product compliance in Canada and the U.S. She has worked with the CSA Group in both countries along with a major plumbing products manufacturer in the U.S.

Sally's "attempted" (her words!) activities include golf, gardening, volunteering and attending art and music cultural events. We suspect she is being humble!

Sally currently belongs to ASME, ASPE, ASTM, CSA, IAPMO, ICC, PEO.

A graduate of The University of Sheffield in Yorkshire, England with a B.Eng Hons Mechanical Engineering.

John Semeniuk - Construction - AB

John is one of CCBDA's stalwart Western Canada consultants specializing in the Building Construction industry.

With a diverse background in the mechanical trades including teaching and senior consulting positions in plumbing, gasfitting and steamfitting.

John sat on the Alberta Safety Codes Council for a number of years and many other advisory boards in the province. He is a member of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada (MCA).

He has International experience in the West Indies in course development and training for gas utility and gas fitter technicians.

The outdoor splendor of Alberta holds great attraction for John as does his interest in architecture.

Frank Sullivan - Elec/Const - ON

Frank is one of the key players in our consulting group serving in both the Electrical and Building Construction committees of CCBDA.

With a background of 43 years in the Copper & Brass industry with companies with extensive casting facilities using substantial amounts of recycled copper and copper alloys. Frank operated as V.P. Sales and Marketing and a Board Member for those companies with whom he was employed.

Frank's ongoing passion is hockey, where he played at St. Mikes in his early days and Old Timer's hockey for a number of years. A staunch Maple Leaf fan, Frank also enjoys tennis and cycling.

He holds a P. Eng. Mechanical degree from the University of Toronto.

Bill Winkler - Electrical - ON

Bill is an integral member of our Electrical team of consultants and operates out of Toronto.

His background in management roles in major manufacturing companies in Canada and abroad serves the CCBDA Association, our members, and interested businesses well as a seminar leader and consultant on renewable energy, motors and copper's connection in the conveyance of electrical power.

He is our primary liaison with IAEI and the Ocean Renewable Energy Group (OREG).

A travel enthusiast, Bill also likes to keep up with major theatrical events whenever time allows.

Bill holds a B.A.Sc. in Metallurgy and Material Science from the U of T and an MBA from York University.