Copper in Architecture Seminars Pass Milestone

Toronto, October 29, 2002—Since the inception of the CCBDA's Copper in Architecture Seminar Program in 1998, many notable firms across Canada have utilized the in-house, lunch seminar as a springboard to introducing more copper into their projects. The program, geared toward architects, contractors, universities and colleges, and professional organizations, recently passed the milestone of 150 groups, representing the participation of building professionals in every province.

Stephen Knapp, coordinator of the program reports, "Many firms are often very surprised about the affordability, long life, and variety of systems available for copper architectural applications". The seminar covers a wide range of topics, including roofing and cladding systems, finishes and patination, installation basics, and fundamentals of choosing copper and copper alloys. Plus, it qualifies for continuing education credits in some Provinces.

Also as new staff is hired, many firms request second and third events because of the need to bring new hires up to speed on materials that firms are specifying more frequently. "Since the start of the program it's been obvious that seminars have resulted in many more copper projects across the country. The consumption figures clearly show that. Because of this we get callbacks from some firms who want to schedule events every two years."

Since Knapp covers the entire country, every major city in Canada has been visited 2 or more times. "The hot-beds for copper right now are Halifax (where 19 seminars have been held over four visits) and Montreal, with continued strong interest in Ottawa and Toronto. We have also had a number of events in Calgary (13 events over 4 trips) and Vancouver, again typically resulting in projects." An average seminar attracts 10 - 15 participants. In Halifax, for example, over 200 architects and related professionals have participated.

The CCBDA expects that growth of the program will continue as more Provinces mandate continuing education programs and as people move from firm to firm. In these cases many bring the specific knowledge gained from the seminar to the new firm, whose existing staff may not be as familiar with copper and its advantages. Knapp notes, "We are projecting over 45 events this year, and over 50 in 2003. The calendar fills up rather quickly, so if anyone is interested in an event, please contact the Association".

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Contact: Stephen Knapp