Watercycles Energy Recovery Inc.

Toronto, November, 2012—The CCBDA welcomes Watercycles Energy Recovery Inc. as its newest Member Company.

Based in Edenwold Saskatchewan, Watercycles manufacturers and distributes drain water heat recovery units (DWHRU) across North America and has started to make inroads in Europe. They manufacture a number of types of units, geared to both residential and commercial applications in a variety of sizes and configurations. A key focus of the company is on the raising awareness of their product to new home builders and particularly R-2000 builders.

All of their products, however, share the beneficial characteristic of recouping the energy a home or business owner has already purchased to heat their domestic water. By recovering that energy an owner will then save on the amount of energy needed to heat any subsequent incoming water. In fact, from Watercycles’ website Drain-Water Heat Recovery is recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy and Natural Resources Canada as an efficient way to save energy with an average payback period of 2-7 years.” This makes DWHRUs an essential green technology for both the new and renovation residential construction markets as well as for commercial and process industries, especially those with intensive water uses.

Watercycles also participated with CSA, CCBDA, and other industry stakeholders on the development of a new performance standard on these units. From CSA, Standard C55 “specifies requirements for measuring the heat recovery efficiency and pressure loss for vertically installed, falling-film DWHR units.” In fact, Watercycles products already meet the new CSA B 55.2 standard.

DWHRU can be used in conjunction with traditional water heaters, tankless water heaters, and with geothermal and solar water heating systems. And the models from Watercycles have a simple design with no moving parts, they are 100% recyclable copper construction (and manufactured from copper tube primarily fabricated from recycled product itself). The units consume no energy while passively reducing carbon emissions, and can extend the life of a water heater by reducing its energy consumption.

The CCBDA looks forward to working with Watercycles Energy Recovery Inc. over the coming years to promote these effective and green energy savings devices across Canada, and through the ICA network of 27 global partners, around the world.

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