New Installation Guides for Natural Gas Fireplaces and Barbecues Are Now Available

Toronto, October 8, 2002—With more and more Canadians wanting natural gas fireplaces and barbecues for their homes, condos and vacation properties, the Canadian Copper & Brass Development Association has published two new installation guides for gas contractors and installers. They are Installing A Natural Gas Fireplace-Copper Tube and Direct Venting Give You Choices, and Installing A Natural Gas Barbecue-An Uninterrupted Supply of Fuel for Your Barbecue.

With natural gas fireplaces, for example, the combination of direct venting and the ease of bending and installing copper gas lines simplify difficult installation conditions. With direct venting, a chimney is not needed, making it feasible to install a natural gas fireplace in just about any room, even in high-rise condominiums and apartments.

For a barbecue, a quick-connect coupling can be installed on an exterior wall to serve a deck or patio. It allows the barbecue to be easily moved or cleaned. Inside, there are no joints in the gas line except for flare fittings to connect to either a tee or to a gas manifold port. This eliminates the time-consuming threading and assembly of different lengths of steel pipe, and avoids a big cleanup or major alterations to walls when retrofitting.

The publications are now part of a series of informative bulletins aimed at natural gas contractors, builders, developers, consulting engineers and consumers. The first in the series is No. 35, The Real Cost Story…Natural Gas Installed Cost Comparison. It features a survey of installers, comparing threaded steel pipe, corrugated stainless steel tube (CSST), and copper tube. The survey found that for every $100 spent on a copper system, on average it would cost $134 for an equivalent system using threaded steel pipes, and $144 using CSST. All three publications are available in print version and in a viewable and downloadable format on the new Natural Gas Page on the CCBDA web site at

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Contact: Marty Mehr