CCBDA Organization

The Canadian Copper & Brass Development Association was founded in 1958 as a non-trading, non-profit organization to represent the Canadian Copper Industry.

CCBDA Members include companies in the following business sectors, and they are organized in Sections for maximum operating effectiveness.

A member may participate in more than one section if their product range covers different sectors.

Section 1. Primary Producers

Includes mining, smelting and refining of copper and metals used in the production of copper alloys, such as zinc, nickel, etc.

Section 2. Manufacturers of Mill Products

Includes mills producing tube and pipe, flat rolled sheet and strip, and rod, bar and shapes.

Section 3. Wire & Cable Manufacturers

Includes wire rod producers.

Section 4. Manufacturers of Fittings & Specialties


  • Fittings for plumbing, natural gas and other tube and pipe applications.
  • Components produced by machining rod, bar and shapes.
  • Components produced by forging of brass.
  • Joining and fabrication systems and equipment.
  • Soldering and brazing materials.

Section 5. Castings & Ingot Manufacturers

Includes casting producers and ingot producers.

The CCBDA is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of member representatives from each field of the Canadian Copper Industry.

Day-to-day operations are carried out by the staff with the support of a number of specialized consultants located in strategic areas of Canada.

As part of its hands-on philosophy, CCBDA staff and consultants are frequently in the field to train personnel, and to offer advice to architects, consulting engineers, property owners and contractors with regard to roofing projects, plumbing systems, natural gas distribution systems, fire sprinklers, electrical systems, and other applications.