Established in 1958, the CCBDA is the authoritative source for information on copper, brass, and bronze applications in Canada. Along with its partners in North America, the Copper Development Association in the U.S. and the International Copper Association based in New York, it is heavily involved with the promotion, development, and protection of copper markets in Canada.

The continued support of Canadian companies is vital to our operation. And this support is rewarded through the promotion of and support for members' products and services. This is accomplished through our periodical Canadian Copper / Cuivre Canadien (which is circulated to over 18,000 copper users and specifiers in Canada), our website, our technical and reference documents, our training and educational programs and materials, in presentations and seminars, and through the hundreds and hundreds of technical inquiries we receive each year.

By joining the CCBDA you are supporting these efforts in Canada while receiving preferred sourcing to customers looking for your specific products and services.

Please join us in our efforts to promote and protect both traditional copper markets (such as wire & cable, tube & fittings, forgings & castings, sheet & strip) as well as new and emerging applications such as antimicrobial touch surfaces, alternative energy generation, green building, copper motor rotor technology, and the development of lead-free copper alloys.